The Gender Based Violence (GBV) project was started in January 2006. It was originally created to support the women and children who experience gender and sexual based violence. However, it became clear that the program’s support services were also needed for men who face the same issues.

The project helps the people who are abused by providing housing, nutrition and counseling. SAW staff collect data and document cases of gender-based violence by recording the experiences of women who come to SAW’s shelters or contact SAW through various means to report their problems (and ask for assistance). People contact SAW in cases of domestic violence, problems resulting from gender discrimination both in the home and at work, violent crime including rape and torture, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, among other complaints – SAW defines all of these as gender based violence (GBV) and seeks to provide responsive and supportive services to these people, while promoting GBV prevention messages among local communities.

The GBV project consists of two interrelated approaches: i) Response to, and rehabilitation of, survivors; and ii) Prevention through awareness.

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