Mental Health

Many of the women and children who come to the shelter have been severely traumatized by their experience. Some are unable to eat or sleep; others might be very depressed or afraid. In response, SAW provides psychosocial counseling services for the residents of Green Hope center. Through a partnership with Johns Hopkins University, SAW has 9 fully trained counselors on staff. One of the counselors is permanently available to provide counseling services to shelter residents who need it, as well as to those who want it. Upon entry to the shelter, all residents complete an intake form that measures their mental health status, self-reported physical health, and gathers information on their experiences. When individuals leave the shelter, an exit assessment is done so that SAW is able to determine if the mental health services and other services offered have created an improvement in the client. SAW’s main objective for providing psychosocial care to clients at Green Hope is to support the clients’ mental and physical well-being and to support them to take back control of their lives and their futures.

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