Both the Mental Health Assessment Project (MHAP) and the Trafficking Assessment Project (TAP) involved monitoring – of client outcomes and of SAW programs. In the Mental Health Assessment Project, SAW staff who were trained as counsellors collected information about clients’ symptoms and well-being on a weekly basis, as well as administering a survey instrument a number of times throughout the project.

One of the central components of the Trafficking Assessment Project was design, implementation and integration of monitoring procedures and processes for three of SAW’s activities – the Green Hope shelter, the migrant worker’s hotline, and the family reunification program. Through this project, standardized intake forms for Green Hope shelter have been introduced and are completed for each new intake at the shelter. Client progress and outcomes are also monitored. For the hotline, callers are now asked a number of standard questions so that SAW now has information on the demographics of callers and their reasons for calling the hotline. Follow-up calls are conducted with a sub-sample of callers to ascertain whether the information they were given is helpful.

These monitoring activities are useful for SAW in many ways. The information that SAW is collecting using these monitoring tools will enable them to assess and evaluate their programs in the future – for example, to see how effective the livelihoods programs they provide in the shelter are, or whether the hotline is reaching migrant workers who may be most in need of services. The introduction of these tools has also established clearer referral pathways between SAW services, so that SAW is now able to map and track how and where referrals are made to other SAW services or to external service providers. Finally, regular completion of monitoring tools has enabled SAW staff members to be comfortable with regular data collection for program purposes, strengthening their skills and capacity to develop and provide monitoring for other programs and activities.

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