In addition to the response and rehabilitation work, SAW’s GBV project carries out awareness work to contribute to the prevention of GBV within the migrant community. Targeting migrants throughout the Mae Sot area, this project runs community workshops on GBV, women’s rights, labor rights, human trafficking, and immigration issues and rights. This outreach work often partners with other SAW projects including Women Talk and Health Awareness. And, like the latter, the project oversees the training of Peer Educators in communities to provide ongoing support, information and knowledge when SAW is not there.

In addition to advocacy and education, the project also supports individuals who wish to take legal action with his/her case. SAW provides referral to legal services for migrants and supports the individual throughout the process. SAW’s GBV project also partners with local authorities including Thai police and Thai labor clinics to support migrants and raise their awareness on available services and rights.

Through this project, SAW also advocates for the rights of migrants by collecting data and statements on domestic, sexual and physical violence experienced at the hands of employers, including farms and factories. These statements are submitted to the relevant Thai authorities by SAW, while protecting the identity of the migrants.

The GBV workshops provide an opportunity to raise community awareness on GBV and GBV related topics: domestic violence, child rights and protection, human rights, gender based discrimination and women’s rights, among other topics. These forums, like many of SAW sponsored forums, also create space for individuals to talk privately with SAW staff or trained Peer Educators in case they are experiencing violence in their lives and need potentially life-saving assistance

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