The Women Talk project started at the end of 2005 and provides a forum for women’s discussion and information sharing. Women from factories and communities in and around the Mae Sot area meet once a month for a full day workshop. The workshops move from community to community and up to 30 women attend each monthly session. Topics discussed range from health and social issues, women rights and gender equality, to the everyday difficulties that migrant women face at a community and personal level. This program creates a setting for women migrant workers to exchange their experiences and access peer and/or organizational support where it is needed. While the meetings have a general format, the objective is primarily to create a space for women to share experiences and knowledge and to explore and discuss issues of importance to them in their daily lives. SAW also uses this forum to share information on all existing programs and services and to raise awareness that there are services available for women in crisis (shelters, counseling, health services, children’s education and more). The Women Talk forum empowers women to seek support within a safe environment and increase awareness of issues women face in their communities and in communities similar to their own. This has had the effect of normalizing the women’s experiences; experiences they might feel unsafe to talk about until they know other women have experienced the same. Women Talk encourages migrant women to seek support and assistance both within the monthly forum and by connecting with SAW.

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