12 August 2013

Most students tried to avoid the school’s sanitation job and physical development training in the past. That’s why someone had to
monitor them all the time. Some of the male students were making fun of the female students who were getting sweat for participating
in such activities. But, it’s not the case anymore now. By raising the environmental awareness, the students are happily participating in
the environmental and physical activities. By learning from their past lives under the repressive regime that totally ignored the
environment other than greedily making money out of it, they begin to appreciate what the organization is doing. SAW is also
promoting the selfless sacrifice for common good among the students. It also trains them how to use machines and tools for better and
suitable handy works.

Masonry work must be participated not just the students but the headmaster himself. The students have to learn how to make mixture
(cement, sands and water) and how to clean up the bushes. Due to the heavy rains during these days, the programs provided by IRC
like water and sanitation can’t be implemented. Some of the concrete jobs are damaged by the heavy rains beginning on August 11,
2013. However, we can stop the floods and further damaging by dumping the sandbags on top of them at 11pm.

photo by Thiha Maung Maung

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