12 February 2012 , SAW

According to SAW school’s development program, the children are taught fabric painting and printing as a career path for them. The basic is how to use the wax paper to design on the clothes. Children can design their favorite pictures on the wax papers and print on their T-shirts. Later, they can learn the related technologies like Photo Emulsion, digital fabric printing and solar digital printing as well.

“Everyone accepts it as a necessary course along with other subjects in the basic educational schools. It requires basic education to learn these techniques as well. Studying from the text books alone for the children is out of date. Learning from the text books must be
applicable in real life. Therefore, I have discussed with the leaders of the school and decided to teach this course to the children,
starting from the older ones. We need many teachers, who can teach creative thinking, for the children both in the borders and inside
Burma. We also need the environment that encourages the children to learn for their better future” said Sayar Ko Thiha, a teacher from SAW school.

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