On November 11, 2013, the Women Talk program was held with 30 migrant women in Maetawmai village. The facilitators of the program had answers the questions of the women especially about their future expectation and necessary information related to their current situations. They also inquired about the environment and living situation of the migrant women living in the migrant society based in Maetawmai. In this case, the facilitators had asked them what their major obstacles were and how they managed to overcome them. most of the obstacles were related to domestic violence and abortion, according to the women. All 30 women had actively participated in group discussion and all participatory activities.

The Women Talk program has been started in 2005, and it has reflected the gender inequality, lack of rights, different environment and related social problems of the migrant women coming from Burma.

The staffs of SAW (Social Action for Women) have continued to hold the Women Talk program once for every month until today.

Source: Aung Htun Linn

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