As U Htike Thu Aung of the headmaster of The Best Friend school in Phopphra had requested to Pure Future program to train the children how to make handicrafts out of bamboo, which was abundant in Phopphra area, teacher Wonna Zaw and I have discussed to make bamboo lamps for the November’s Buddhist lighting ceremony (Tan Zaung Taing Festival). As for the tradition of Burmese people, we use to celebrate it with candle lights and oil lamp lights by floating in a river or air balloon lights by releasing them up in the air. Globalization has allowed the nations more integrated to share their culture and values nowadays. Therefore, we have a chance to present our way of celebrating Buddhist tradition, by using the beautiful lamps, to Thai Buddhist people whose traditional celebration is different from ours. Our children are very happy making bamboo lamps without causing much money. They can also understand that the natural grown bamboos are very valuable to use for human needs if we learn how to use them effectively. We are greatly appreciated the active participation of the teachers like U Wonna Zaw, U Htain, U Zinko Myint and all the students we are thankful to U Htie Thu Aung for his valuable advice.







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