5 Dec 2013, Su Myat Win

SAW’s Anti- Gender Based Violence training took place in 42Kilo, Phop Phra area from November 27 to 30.

The focus of the training is to avoid domestic violence by both male and female counterparts. While teaching about general knowledge of sexual violence and the defensive mechanisms with regard to sexual violence, it also provided the contact numbers of the agencies to intervene domestic violence and the pamphlets writing about ways to avoid confrontation.

In the training, SAW has taught how to think and solve the problems related to sexual differences. It also has learned about the situations of the sexual violence in Phop Phra area from the attendees during the discussions. During the discussions, the issues like sex and gender difference, sexual discrimination, female being labeled as inferior, sexual violence and non-violence were widely discussed topics.

In Phop Phra area, women are heavily involved in gambling and playing 3 number lottery while their male counterparts have become the gamblers and heavy drinkers. As a result, the domestic violence broke out quite often in the area. And, that’s the reason SAW has picked this area for the training.

Thirteen males and 18 females in total of 31 persons have attended to the training. Most of the attendees are from 42Kilo, 44Kilo, 48Kilo, 35Kilo, SaO and Pakham Mai in Phop Phra area.


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