SAW has lectured about school health education at SAW high school at 9am to 11:30 am on November 27. At the lecture, a male health educator and 3 female health educators from IRC gave their speeches. Students from second grade to 6th grade had attended to the lecture. Seasonal diseases and the responsibilities of school education leaders were discussed. Also, the symptoms of various seasonal diseases and how to solve them by using effective medicines were broadly discussed. In addition, how to save lives in case of emergency and the education about personal hygiene were discussed step by step.

After the lecture, the children were questioned what they have learnt, rewarded for their highest achievements and entertained with foods and snacks. Then, the teachers helped children cutting their finger nails and toe nails. Also, the IRC members and the teachers gave the children “hair-cut” until the end of the school hour.

Report: ZinKoMyint

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