December 25, 2013 , Su Myat Win, SAW

starting from on July 18, 2013, the hog farm program was introduced to four migrant families in Phop Phra to support their income. SAW had provided five pigs each for two families in Ahkhanwin, one family in 44km, one family in 42 km, in total of 4 families.

In 2012, SAW’s census data showed that the migrant families in Phop Phra area were having problems especially insufficient income, food and living costs and financial difficulty to attend to a hospital or a clinic. That’s why SAW has introduced the hog farm program for them to have a better financial situation. A family member, who was provided a hog farm by SAW, said, “This is very profitable for our family. Before, we had financial problem because of my husband’s insufficient salary to support the whole family. Now, this farm covers at least basic family expenses. We can use the money from the farm for something else too. The villagers come and buy our pigs based on the weigh. It’s a wonderful program for us to have a better life.”

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