Zin Ko Myint: January 14, 2014

On January 4, the day commemorating 66th anniversary of Burmese independence day, New Wave school had held a sports contest for the students under 4 feet and 9 inches tall until January 10. The students from SAW, NEW WAVE, NEW BLOOD, GOOD MORNING, PYI CHIT, SKY BLUE and Thukha Hantha schools had participated in the contest. The sports were football (both male and female), cane-ball (male), Htoteseetoe game (a team sport to run off against blockers) (female), running race (male/female) and egg and spoon race (male/female) in total of 5 contests. SAW students had ranked group place in male football, best effort for female football and third place in cane-ball contests. SAW’s female students like Naung Naung, second place in running race and Mayar Thein, third place in “run by biting a spoon race”, obtained their rewards. A teacher of SAW said, “We are very appreciated to the native school for allowing us to participate in the contests like this. Our students are eager to play sports. They have their own abilities too. However, they didn’t have the chance to compete like this in the past even though we trained them the best we could. So, they don’t have much experience in the contests. They are a little bit nervous because this is their first time. They didn’t do good job as they expected. Some of them are crying in sadden. I feel sorry too. I want all my children win. They are the best. I’m proud of them.”

A student contestant named Ms. Htet Htet Khine said, “I play with my football team. Teacher asked me if I wanted to play football. I didn’t know how to play in the beginning but he trained us for 4 days only, so we had no experience for a match. We felt inferior to other teams, and that’s why we lost. Besides, the other teams are way better than us. Still, I feel sorry for my school for unable to bring a reward for it. I salute to all our teachers, who took some time out of their busy schedule and trained us to compete well. We’ll be better for next time by learning from this experience. I’m sure we’ll bring more rewards for the next time.”

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