10 Feb 2014 | Su Myat Win | SAW

Burmese migrant youths along with the youths from 8 countries had played a friendship football match from 1pm to 5pm at The Best Friend school in Phopphra on March 8, 2014. As part of a program to promote Physical Education among the migrant women, children and youths in Phopphra area, the youths from Italy, Germany, Spain, French and Thailand along with Burmese migrant youths played had played together. The match was opened by a member of the world’s famous Barcelona football club, and 3 teams formed by the youths from 8 countries, one team from Thai Rakeeri School, 4 teams from SAW High School andThe Best Friend School had contested. SAW’s responsible in charge in Phopphra named U Htike Thu Aung said, “In the future, we’ll continue to promote physical education among the migrant women, children and teenagers in this area. Also, we’ll put this subject in the curriculum. In doing so, the physical and mental health of our children will be improved for the long run.”

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