13 March 2014, Su Myat Win SAW

A fire broke out in the garbage waste area in Mae Sot near Burma-Thai border at 2pm on March 10. According to the residents, the fire was started from a burning cigarette. 7 fire engines had finally put out the fire. It took many hours to put out the fire because such placed had been abandoned for many years. Nearby 10 tents owned by Burmese migrant families had to move away because of the thick smokes. Most of the Burmese migrants left their tents and slept in the nearby fields.

A Burmese trash picker living in the garbage waste area said, “This place is a parent to us. We survive because of this place. So, I feel like our parent is dead. I’ve nowhere to go now. My family works hard to make money so that we could go back to Burma and register for the census. We had saved about 1000 baht worth trash already. They all have gone now. Our hope and dream have gone. I’m really sad. Besides, the garbage in my place is more than 6 feet high. It’s not easy to put it out. Well, I don’t know when we can expect to go back to Burma.”

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