Khin was an abandoned baby who now lives at SAW. He wants to be a policeman and to use his salary to feed the children at SAW. When he grows up, he hopes to build a big house in which all of the children at SAW can stay together.

When asked why, he said SAW had to spend a lot of money on rent for the houses, and yet, most of them are leaking during the rainy season and the landlords won’t fix them. Also, the landlords and neighbours curse and yell at the children for playing loudly. That’s why he wants to move out and build his own house




When Sue Lin was 3, her mother ran away with another man, taking her brother but leaving her behind. Sue Lin’s father searched for his wife but couldn’t find her. Her father became depressed and 6 months later drank pesticide and died.

Sue Lin’s only remaining family member was her grandmother who, suffering health problems and with no permanent job, found it difficult to care for her. Luckily, SAW was able to offer Sue Lin a home.



Thiri was a premature triplet. Her two siblings died shortly after birth. Still a small child for her age, Thiris has had many health problems, mainly concerning her lungs and she needed regular hospital treatment as a baby.

Her mother was unable to visit her while she was in hospital, making no contact for two months. The hospital authorities transferred Thiri to SAW so she could be cared for until she was ready to return home. Thiri’s mother never returned to collect her.

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