20 May 2015 | SAW | written by Htin Zaw | Mae Sot

“Today, a visiting group from ‘Gift of Happiness Foundation’ visited our organization, Social Action for Women (‘SAW’). Two well wishers from Manchester of United Kingdom included in that group and they made prior contact with me that they would like to donate school uniforms and some utensils to our children.

First, we took them to our Health Care House (‘HCH’), a shelter where people living with HiV/ AIDS (PLHA) are stayed. Towels, beddings, uniforms, soaps, tooth brushes, backpacks, teddy bears and dolls are given to our children and made group photos before they left.

Next we reached our another shelter called, Children Crisis Center (‘CCC’), where survivors of sexual and physical abused, former child soldiers and children with no access to education living in conflict areas are stayed.

In the evening this group came again and visited to our ‘Safe House’, a shelter where orphaned and abandoned children are stayed. The items mentioned at above plus toys and a wide variety of clothes are also donated.

Thanks to ‘Gift of Happiness Foundation’ by supporting to our vulnerable women and children. We, ‘SAW’ hopes it will strengthen their abilities to face future challenges, minimize their risk of becoming involved in illicit activities and help them develop into healthy and productive members of the society.”

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