25 June 2015 | SAW | Mae Sot

many migrant students from different backgrounds come and study in the migrant schools near Thai-Burma border. Among them, Ma Phyo Ei Htway has passed the high school final examination in Burma for 2014-2015 academic year.

Ma Phyo Ei Htway lived with her parents in Mone, Kyaukkyi Township in Taungoo district until she moved to Mae Sot along with her brothers in 2011.
According to the interview, Ma Phyo Ei Htwe was born to U Kyin Aye and Daw Shwe in Mone, Kyaukkyi Township in 1997, and she was the youngest daughter among 9 siblings. She studied in middle school in Burma, but she finally arrived to SAW and continued her education due to the turning point of her life.

Q. Can you tell me how you studied in SAW school and Hsatulae School in Thai-Burma border?
A. It’s very different from learning inside Burma where all the students need to take tuitions by paying a lot of money in order to pass the final examinations. However, here in Thailand, all the teachers have the responsibility to teach all the students to understand their lessons, so no student needs a tutor for that. It’s easy to learn without costing a penny here.
Q. Now, you have already passed the high school final examination, so what’s your plan for further education?
A. First of all I need to get the passing scores because Burmese universities accept students based on the scores; I’ll decide which college I should go based on my scores. Actually, I like to study in GTC (Government Technical College) in Burma. If I don’t have the sufficient scores, I’ll take simple major courses to earn a college degree.

Q. What’s your future plan after graduating from a college?

A. I can’t think about it too much because I just passed the high school final examination, but I’ll share my knowledge to others by working in my mother organization (SAW) that has been helping vulnerable migrant women and children for more than a decade. I feel like I have the responsibility to do so after graduating from a college.

Q. Are you interested in volunteering a social organization?

A. Yes, I’m interested in social works. After I have graduated from a college, I’m sure, I’ll work for SAW in turn. Educating children is my priority in doing so; I love teaching children and always happy to learn about their feelings and ambitions. How can I say? I love children.

Q. What’re you doing currently?

A. I’m teaching at SAW school now before I go to college. I teach English in first grade and science and Burmese in second grade. I take this job seriously because all my students are orphanages, so they need education to survive for longer term. My motto is that everything I teach must be useful for their life. My dream for them is to become talented individuals.

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