Social skill contest to promote SAW’s children’s ability was held; each one of the children had to tell the stories of their lives by writting in their own language, and the judges would decide whose story was the best. As for the rewards, the judges would view on their abilities: social communication in Thai community, interaction with the environment, how helpful they were for the community.

The rewards were for the children who had strong passion to help others, and 4 children from SAW’s 2 shelters were rewarded; these children would receive four TABLETS. The other 31 children, who expressed their strong and weak points of their social skill, were also honored.

The rewarded children were;

  1. Maung Kyaw Su Ei (Karen state)
  2. Ma Htet Htet Khine (Mon state)
  3. Saw Yin Lay (Karen State)
  4. Ma Phyo Thandar Wai (Karen State)

They arrived to SAW under different circumstances.

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