On October 11, Thai authority in Tak district had issued the residency cards (13 digit numbers on them) to more than 8000 migrant students for their health care and education, via Tak district ministry of education department, and 158 SAW children learning in 3 Thai school had received.

According to a member of Thai lawyer’s council and the chairman of migrant affairs committee named, Nai Sula Pon kon Kyan Tut, he had carried out his part to make sure Burmese migrant children can be able to enjoy their rights in accordance with Thai law; he had explained to the children at a migrant school. According to him, there were more than 8000 migrant children, who were learning in the migrant schools, left out without any protection before, and that’s why he had tried for them to get their legal identification cards that would allow them the gain the access for health care and education.

As for the qualified migrant students, they would be able to go to a university in Thailand without any interruption of the authorities. The competitive children and other children on vacations will be able to travel around the country for their national level competitions and for their excursion trips with a travel permit. They will be able to get proper medical treatment for the hospital around the country as well.
Many other migrant schools will begin this process very soon.

He said that all the students under 18 years old are the priority to get this identification soon.

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