SAW has rewarded computers to SAW’s children with academic excellence for three consecutive years today.  Among them, two female children passed 8th grade with excellence, and they are from no.1 and no.2 classes, which only allowed in for the smart students, for three consecutive years. Their names are Phyo Thandar Wai and Lay Law Wah.

The other one from SAW school passed Burmese government’s 8th grade final examination, and  ranked second in 9th grade among more than 70 students. He’ll take Burmese government’s 10th grade final examination for next academic year. His name is Maung Tint Naing Win, and his ambition is to study abroad.

The rewarding ceremony took place on April 7, 2017. They are well behaved, kind to others and willing to volunteer for the organization for their spare times. The students from Thai schools volunteered translating for the patients at the hospital.There is no doubt that they will become the productive members of society and future leaders of the organization. This ceremony is designed to encourage the other children living in the shelters.

Giving this reward is based on the children’s good character, willingness for volunteering, creativity, taking responsibilities, and academic excellence. This is SAW’s first reward for 17 years because of these remarkable children. The donors are Mr. Fred family from Sweden, and a family from America namely Ko Myo Zaw, Ma Khine and Terry Lay.

Thank you so much to the donors!!!

Social Action For Children and Women (SAW)


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