Gender Based Violence Training in Phop Phra

Jan. 3 | SAW provided Gender Based Violence or anti-domestic violence training in Rose Field School near Phop Phra from December 29 to 30. Such trainings are important for Burmese migrant communities to understand Sex and Gender, stereotypes, types of GBV, the...

Family Talk Workshop in 33 Km, Phop Phra

Jan. 3 |   Family Talk workshop for Burmese migrant families took place in 33 km, Phop Phra, on December 31, 2016. The purpose of the workshop for Burmese migrant community is to understand the domestic violence and how to create peaceful family by avoiding...

December Holiday Friendship Football Match

Jan. 3 | On December 29, 2016, the joining force of the students from SAW shelter and the students from Parami school had competed in December Holiday Friendship Football Match on this day. Occasionally, the teachers of SAW invited to other football teams with...

Selling rices as part of SAW’s fund raising activities

Jan. 3 | On December 2016, we sold the rice after haverested as part of SAW’s fund raising activities in the market and in the factories where Burmese migrant workers live; they’re all very supportive by purchasing our rice.

Harvesting Time

Jan. 3 |     On Novermber 2016, as part of SAW’s fund raising activities, we have rent a piece of land grown paddy, and harvested recently.

Visting Waterfall with Colabora Birmania

Dec. 28 |   On 10th December, 2016, all children from Safe House Shelter went ” Nan Took Phar Kya Lei” waterfall by leading Colabora Birmania.

SAW students participated National Youth Day in Mae Sot

Dec. 28 |   On 20th September, 2016, the students from SAW High School participated National Youth Day Ceremony and entertained dances with Hip Hop Shwe Yoe and Model Moe music at Municipal Badminton Hall, Mae Sot by leading Help Without Frontiers, Ray of...

The Award Ceremony of 2016 Drawing Festival on Thai-Burma Border

Dec. 28 |   The students from SAW high school participated drawing competition with Peace title at 2016 Drawing Festival on Thai-Burma Border and they got 4 drawing prizes at the Award ceremony on 3rd December, 2016. Burma Migrant Teacher Associations, Mae...

Giving Chrismas Presents from Amadeus company

Dec. 28 |       On 23th December, 2016, Amadeus Company from Bangkok visited to Safe house Shelter and donated warm clothes, watches, remote car toys and trousers as Chrismas gifts for all SAW children.

Nai Sulapon Kon Kyan Tut and his members visiting SAW

Oct. 15 | SAW’s new chairman, the lawyer from Thai lawyers’ council that has been working hard for Burmese migrant students to get legal identifications, named Nai Sulapon Kon Kyan Tut and his members visiting SAW school.