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Background information of SAW
Organization Profile

Social Action for Women (SAW) was founded in June 25, 2000 to assist displaced women from Burma who are in crisis situations after having fled to Mae Sod, Thailand. SAW is based in Mae Sod and was established to support women facing difficulties through the provision of shelter, health education, rights awareness, counseling, and vocational training for unskilled women. SAW has expanded its focus population to include caring for and educating orphaned children and children of migrant parents.

In 2008, SAW was one of 25 organizations worldwide to receive the Red Ribbon Award from the UNDP for providing outstanding HIV prevention, treatment and education on a grassroots level.

SAW’s Programs:

Among the projects run by SAW, are the Safe House for abandoned babies, the Children’s Crisis Center, the Women’s Crisis Center, the Health Care House, which is a shelter for women living with HIV/AIDS, a Preschool and Middle School, the Reproductive Health Program and an Income Generation Program. In 2006, SAW started two new programs: the Women Talk Program and a Program against Gender-Based Violence.


By supporting vulnerable women and children, SAW hopes it will strengthen their abilities to face future challenges, minimize their risk of becoming involved in illicit activities and help them develop into healthy and productive members of society.


To assist Burmese women and children affected by displacement along the Thai-Burma border by providing support services in areas of health, education and safe housing
To provide counseling and training to helpless women and children
To promote health education among migrant workers.
To meet its goals, SAW is closely collaborating with Mae Tao Clinic, Mae Sod Hospital, UNHCR (Mae Sod), World Vision, RH Network (Mae Sod), Committee for Protection and Promotion of Child Rights, Burmese Worker Associations and other women organizations in Mae Sod.

SAW Up Date (January 2015)

Social Action for women (SAW)
After 15 years

Starting in 2000, Social Action For Women SAW was formed to help migrant women and children, living in the borders, in need; most of them were abandoned children, children with HIV or of HIV/AIDS patients, the victims of human trafficking or gender base violence and sexual violence. It also provided health care and education for them.
After 15 years on, SAW has helped more than 10,000 women and children.
Currently, more than 80 children of SAW are studying in Thai schools when other 150 children of SAW are studying in SAW’s school.
As for older children, SAW has GED/ TOEFL programs for them to seek for scholarship in the third countries.
(Pictures of SAW’s children)