Selling rices as part of SAW’s fund raising activities

Jan. 3 | On December 2016, we sold the rice after haverested as part of SAW’s fund raising activities in the market and in the factories where Burmese migrant workers live; they’re all very supportive by purchasing our rice.

Harvesting Time

Jan. 3 |     On Novermber 2016, as part of SAW’s fund raising activities, we have rent a piece of land grown paddy, and harvested recently.

SAW’s New Clothing Designs for Sale

Oct. 26 | SAW’s production of new clothing designs. The prices will be between 250-350 baht for one New styles of skirts, pants and shirts are available Yves Saint Laurent said, “Dressing is a way of life. It means you are getting ready enjoy a new meaningful...

School-bags for Migrant Schools

Oct. 12 | Help without frontiers (Thailand) and Act Now Children Fund have planned to donate 5,000 school-bags for the migrant students in Thailand. In doing so, they promoted the sewing skills in the migrant communities and CBOs in Thailand in July-August, and...

Sewing Training

Sep. 2 | Four SAW staff attended to the sewing training by HWF (Help Without Frontiers Foundation Thailand) that has been supporting not just for the migrant schools but also for migrant student’s lunch daily.  This training will teach SAW and other staff of...

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