An Elephantitis Patient

Jan. 25 | Her name is Ma Cho, a migrant living in Mae Sot. On her way to pick some watercress, she eloped with a boy; she was 16-17 years old at that time. Her family went back home to Burma angrily in doing so, and her husband was imprisoned for drugs related...


SAW’s Health Training

Jan. 22 |   SAW has held reproductive health training in 48 km in Phop Phra on January 17, 2015. The training was intended for migrants to know about adolescent reproductive health and systematic protection of the negative impact of it, and 12 males and 18...


SAW’s Mobile Medical Team

Jun. 10 | 10 June 2-14 | Su Myat Win By teaming up with the volunteers from Global Med, SAW Mobile Medical Team led by Dr. Htin Zaw had visited to Ban Si Ban village in Phop Phra and provided medical treatments and vitamin A for the children on June 8, 2014. Most...


The Burmese trash pickers in trouble after the fire broke out in garbage waste area in Mae Sot

Mar. 13 | 13 March 2014, Su Myat Win SAW A fire broke out in the garbage waste area in Mae Sot near Burma-Thai border at 2pm on March 10. According to the residents, the fire was started from a burning cigarette. 7 fire engines had finally put out the fire. It...


‘SAW’ Mobile Medical Team helping for the migrants in Phop Phra area

Dec. 16 | 16 Dec 2013, Aung Htun Lin SAW’s Mobile Medical Team has been touring to assist medical needs of the migrants living Phop Phra area on every Sunday since on December 15, 2000. Phop Phra area is high land, where the agricultural sector has boomed, in...

Mental Health Project

Jan. 11 | SAW, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University, is part of the Mental Health Assessment Project (MHAP). MHAP has developed and tested a community-based mental health counseling intervention. SAW entered into this partnership in July 2010 and took part...


Evening Clinic

Jan. 11 | In addition to the Mobile Medical Team, SAW’s doctor on staff runs an Evening Clinic daily between 7 and 9pm in the Htong Htaung area of Mae Sot (where SAW’s office is located and a majority of their services are run). This service is open to all...


Mobile Medical Team

Jan. 11 | Objectives * Increase access to basic health services for migrant workers in rural Phop Phra. * Increase access to family planning supplies for migrant workers in rural Phop Phra. Target Population * Migrants from Burma in 44 communities of rural Phop...


Burned Burmese Migrant Worker place in 44 Km

Dec. 2 | Burned Burmese Migrant Worker place in 44 Km (2 Dec 2012)


Pyaung Gyi place 44 Km

Nov. 3 | Pyaung Gyi place 44 Km (3 Nov 2012)