December Holiday Friendship Football Match

Jan. 3 | On December 29, 2016, the joining force of the students from SAW shelter and the students from Parami school had competed in December Holiday Friendship Football Match on this day. Occasionally, the teachers of SAW invited to other football teams with...

Visting Waterfall with Colabora Birmania

Dec. 28 |   On 10th December, 2016, all children from Safe House Shelter went ” Nan Took Phar Kya Lei” waterfall by leading Colabora Birmania.

Giving Chrismas Presents from Amadeus company

Dec. 28 |       On 23th December, 2016, Amadeus Company from Bangkok visited to Safe house Shelter and donated warm clothes, watches, remote car toys and trousers as Chrismas gifts for all SAW children.

Nai Sulapon Kon Kyan Tut and his members visiting SAW

Oct. 15 | SAW’s new chairman, the lawyer from Thai lawyers’ council that has been working hard for Burmese migrant students to get legal identifications, named Nai Sulapon Kon Kyan Tut and his members visiting SAW school.

Thai authority in Tak district had issued the residency cards

Oct. 14 | On October 11, Thai authority in Tak district had issued the residency cards (13 digit numbers on them) to more than 8000 migrant students for their health care and education, via Tak district ministry of education department, and 158 SAW children learning...

Bangkok arts&crafts college Ladprao 101

Aug. 28 | Bangkok, Thailand Karen ethnic’s traditional “Wrist Tying” ceremony was held at Bangkok Arts and Crafts College, in Latprao !01, Bangkok in Thailand, and a Thai lawyer named Surapong Kongchantukh, the chairman Social Action for Children and Women(SAW)...

GlobeMed at the University of Cincinnati + Social Action for Women

Jun. 25 | Chapter GlobeMed at The University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati, Ohio Partner Social Action for Women (SAW) | Mae Sot, Thailand Key Fact In 2008, SAW was one of 25 organizations worldwide to receive the Red Ribbon Award from the United Nations Development...

General Aung San’s Birthday Ceremony

Feb. 13 | Today, SAW school has celebrated 101th birthday of Burma’s beloved leader General Aung San, who was born on February 13, 1915, in Mae Sot. The reason to celebrate it for youths is to remember and inspire the spirit of General Aung San who had sacrificed...

International Children’s Day

Jan. 16 | Along with all the migrant schools in Mae Sot area, CDC has held international children’s day at CDC school in Mae Sot on January 9, 2016. The event was sponsored by many organizations working on children’s rights, and many students and teachers from...

Paint Beautiful Colors

Jan. 15 | SAW’s children are decorating the playground of their Khanbiban school (Thai school). They paint beautiful colors on the platforms, playground and the tools they play in the playground; they’re working together with their teachers.