Our Students helping for School

Aug. 12 | 12 August 2013 Most students tried to avoid the school’s sanitation job and physical development training in the past. That’s why someone had to monitor them all the time. Some of the male students were making fun of the female students who were getting...


Safe water and sanitation in the school program

Aug. 1 | 1 August 2013 As requested by IRC for the school environment programs, SAW has pointed out the need of safe drinking water tank for the students. It also discussed about the waste-management of the safe drinking water and the requirement of water-pumping...


The eaten away summer

Apr. 2 | 2 April 2013 How to spend the summer holidays is the most interesting question for the students. Most of the students want to spend them by playing. Therefore, SAW must have a program for them to spend their summer holidays with valuable and fun activities....


Boarding House

Jan. 11 | Objectives * To remove barriers to children’s access to education * To improve the knowledge, health, education and social skills of students * To provide a safe living environment so that children can attend school * To protect children from abuse,...


Boarding house acception

Apr. 3 | Boarding house acception (12 Apr 2012)