Capacity Building

Family Talk workshop

Dec. 10 | Family Talk workshop for Burmese migrant families took place in Maetao Mai village, Mae Sot on October 25, 2014. The purpose of the workshop for Burmese... Read more»

Family Talk talks about domestic violence

May. 9 | SAW has held the Family Talk program in Mae Tao Sanpat village in Mae Sot on May 9, 2015. The theme of the program for the migrants is to learn about the main causes of domestic... Read more»


SAW School’s Celebration for Mothers’ Day of Thailand

Aug. 11 | 11 Aug 2015 | SAW | Mae Sot Today, SAW School has celebrated Thailand’s Mothers’ Day that will be officially held tomorrow August 12. Traditionally, the whole nation... Read more»


School Health Activities in the Border

Jul. 15 | 15 July 2015 | SAW | Mae Sot Mae Sot hospital, Mae Tao clinic, Mae Sot Municipal and Suwominimit Foundation came to SAW school and held a meeting to promote the health quality... Read more»